Our Focus

The target- A woman with strong focus:

  • The Young Diva (High school and tertiary level)
  • The Powerful Diva (Professionals & career women)
  • The Spiritual Divas (Religion & culture)
  • The (Extra)Ordinary Divas(Unemployed and looking)

Below is a brief illustration of each segment or group of women:

1. Young Divas (12 -30 years old)

Mentor young ladies through advising and guidance so as to assist and encourage them to make the best possible decisions in their daily lives while transitioning through mid-school, high school and finally adulthood where career choices are made. DIVA NEXUS will assist in providing of teachings by means of self-discovery sessions (physical and spiritual grooming) as well as entrepreneurial and economical coaching.

1.1 Workshops

The workshops will be in a form of regular coaching in and around South Africa with the foreseeable future to expand continentally (in Africa). These will be implemented in a form of classroom setup.
The Young Diva workshops will be separated into two categories focusing in three target groups:

      School goers: 12 – 17 years old,
      YYoung adults: 18 – 30 years old and
      Tertiary (University, Colleges and FETs)

1.2 Coaching and Training

This provides young ladies with lifestyle coaching sessions on fashion and beauty, grooming, relationships (love, friends, family work). And encouragement to pursue a better future. These classes will take place in various communities, led and assisted by our Diva Nexus’s coaches.

1.3 Camps

Annual camps where young girls will be taken outside their daily environment or comfort zone for a weekend of meditation, motivation and mentorship, otherwise known as the 3Ms.

1.4 Girl DiVA and the Boy

It’s of critical importance that while we aim to raise strong, ambitious and driven DiVAs we do not forget their counterparts-the young men. In teaching our girls how to act around young men, the Diva Nexus and Patrick’s young men’s organisation???? will present that will bring both the young DiVAs and the young gentlemen in one platform. This will afford them the chance to engage, deliberate and find a common ground as to how to respectfully and lovingly share the world as either brothers and sisters, friends, future colleagues and even as future intimate partners.

2. Powerful DiVAs

Money, power, men, motherhood, image, expectations, success, sex and the many mellow dramas of life can leave any woman dazed and confused, unable to make sense of it all. Are the lights outs in any area of your life? The Powerful DiVA sessions and Fab Pajama Evenings get-togethers will pinpoint your power outages, patch up the short-circuits, all the while helping you emerge as the DIVA you were born to be.

2.1 Powerful DiVA Sessions

Formal commercial sessions for professional and career women of in all sectors. The focus will be on the commercial world challenges faced by women on a daily basis, by finding solutions that will improve the commercial environment towards women in powerful positions.

2.2 Pajama Evenings

The pajama evenings will be an informal gathering featuring powerful women. In this space however, your position or title stays in the office. These sessions, will allow(or rather force) the powerhouses to pack away the business suit, wipe the make-up off and be simple. Simply be the woman, the girl, YOU!

The dress code is strictly pj’s, nighties, gowns, and soft, fluffy cuddly slippers. A relaxed environment filled with giggles and gossip, naughty talk, fun talks with a tinge of seriousness, tubs of smooth ice-cream to tuck into, yummy dark chocolate, chocolate-chip cookies… All the things that a “just you” girl needs!

3. Spiritual DiVAs

4. (Extra)Ordinary DIVAS


Before we go any further, let’s get one thing clear; You are by no means ordinary or any less of woman; You single mother–of-three selling chips and sweets at the taxi rank, the 30-year old living with your mother in an RDP house whose CV’s have been rejected by every company, the tea-lady at the department store who didn’t make it to high-school because your parent ran out of funds… You are extra-ordinary because you are doing something with your life or planning to. Your dreams scare you because they are so big!

4.2 Self-Discovery and Improvement Talks

These classes are meant to teach you about you as an individual. To help discover you, learn and discover things that you didn’t know about yourself and improve or grow as a person. How you found yourself in the situation you’re in and how you aim to improve or get out of it.

4.3 The 5Ws and 1H

  • Who- Who are you, where are you from? Who’s responsible for the situation you’re in?
  • What- What is going on in your life right now? What challenges are you facing? What brought them about? What happened or what is happening? What are your plans, goals ambitions?
  • When- When did it happen?
  • Where- Where did it happen?
  • Why- Why did it happen?
  • How- How did you find yourself in the situation that you’re in and how you aim to improve or get out of it? Have you tried to escape from it? How?

4.4 From Zero To Hero

Follow-Up classes and motivational talks from a life-coach to a motivational survivor of a certain negative circumstance or occurrence. The classes will broaden your mind by exposing you to individuals who will share stories of how the phoenix rose from the ashes. These classes will aim to further develop you as an individual who’s now equipped with knowledge, yet you’re unsure of how to utilize it( How do you draft that CV and where do you send it, how do you keep that spaza shop running etc) The classes will broaden your mind by exposing you to individuals who will share stories of how the phoenix rose from the ashes.