Dlamini Legacy Project

Advocating for decent living for the Elderly

Our Vision

Provide the elderly with a dignified life in their twilight years

Our Mission Statement

To promote the dignity and worth of the elderly persons by supporting them through helping them to access available services and opportunities; and for them to be able to live a bearable life on a day to day even with their reduced income.

nambitha Dlamini Legacy Project


The Dlamini Legacy Project is dedicated to caring for the elders. The project is under the Nambitha Projects umbrella as part of the Bridging to Dawn philosophy. Nambitha’s Charity Day has, over the past seven years, built a reputation of celebrating the star of Generations, Nambitha Mpumlwana’s birthday through hosting and treating the grannies of Alexandra and their HIV/AIDS orphaned grand-children to a fun-filled lunch and entertaining day, as a gratitude gesture for the work they have committed themselves to without expected reward.

Together with sponsors, Nambitha has ensured that the grannies enjoy a warm meal and take groceries home. Now, Nambitha Projects is expanding the social project beyond Alex by reaching out to the most neglected members of society, bringing essential support to the elders such as transport - to and from - pension paypoints and much more.


  • Reaching out to support the elderly, both materially and emotionally,
  • Providing the elderly with secure transportation to and from pension paypoints,
  • Improving the living conditions of the elderly,
  • Enhancing the psychological and political functioning of the elderly persons in the communities,
  • Providing them with food supplies to supplement their grants,
nambitha Dlamini Legacy Project

Executive Summary

Dlamini Legacy Project, through the Nambitha Projects will roll out Advocating for decent living for the Elderly in Ekurhuleni as part of expanding its reach beyond Alexandra,

Relief support for elderly persons helps them cope with the psychological, economic and physical challenges that come with increased age. When these senior citizens grow older, their physical strength deteriorates, their income diminishes as they get eliminated from the labour market and their burden of responsibility to support their dependents increases, in addition to the elders being eliminated from developmental projects, discriminated, neglected and abused.

This project is aimed to be sustainable through partnerships our organization forms with donors and sponsors who come on board with a shared vision of supporting the elderly. This helps eliminate escalated costs as everyone brings their strength to the party.

The Elderly deserve a SMILE.

Our Proposal

Statement To The Challenge

Every citizen deserves the right to dignity; security; food, home/shelter and medical care. However, most of the elderly persons cannot access them all based on the limited income, and that makes it our responsibility as communities to help afford them a decent living. In an attempt to help our community, Nambitha’s Projects is committed to helping this vulnerable sector of our society.

This proposal is seeking to address these challenges faced by the majority old men and women across the country. We therefore seek to partner with Ekurhuleni Municipality to help the elderly in the area.


“Older persons are our pride and joy. You are the anchors in many families and ensure stability in our communities. We honour and respect you for that contribution to society in general,”President Jacob Zuma, 28 December 2012. This partnership will not only demonstrate to the senior citizen where their votes are supposed to go, but also how much the current government cares for their well-being. Nambitha Projects with its experience in working with the elders, brings expertise from an administrative to caring for the elders while engaged with them, in order for them to have a meaningful experience once they have had a pleasure of enjoying them.

nambitha Dlamini Legacy Project