Welcome to Nambitha Projects

Nambitha Projects is a voice over casting creation. We have been competently casting and recording voice over projects since May 1998. For best quality voices to be aired on Radio or TV commercials, used on Cell phone or Telephone voice prompts; video or audio tape for corporate projects and voice overs for animation look no further; we have got it all.

We use trained voice over artists to exceed our client expectations. These artists range from young and old men and women, boys and girls, famous or otherwise it does not matter. During the recordings in the studio they are directed by an expert and the final product has always left our clients satisfied.

Making sure of the correct language, we have translators for all nine vernacular languages in South Africa. The client gives us a hard copy of a script in one language (English) and we turn it into an audio disc in nine South African vernacular languages ready to be aired or used in an appropriate manner.

Our goal is to always please our client, because we understand what voice can do, we have always surpass