Generations star helps feed women, children and the vulnerable

Generation’s star Nambitha Mpumlwana, showed her generous side by paying a surprise visit to the Marikana community on the 13th of June 2014. This was part of her charity project - the Dlamini Legacy Project (DLP) with the aim being to relieve the plight of the women and children.

The visit was made possible with the partnerships Mpumlwana formed with Tiger Brands, Red Farms and Ulwazi Group. They all had one goal in mind; Addressing the social challenge of hunger.

DLP’s partnership with Tiger Brands, Red Farms and Ulwazi Group took the roadshow to the community of Marikana where over 400 families were beneficiaries of items such as groceries and vegetables.

Mpumlwana expressed her immeasurable gratitude to the sponsors. “I’m humbled by the charitable gesture from Tiger Brands, Red Farms, and Ulwazi Group. These three organisations have shared the vision of promoting active citizenship and poverty alleviation by ensuring food security. The spirit of extending resources to support those faced with adversities is humbling.” She said.

“The Marikana community has been going through trying times with women and children living under the harshest conditions. We couldn’t afford to sit back, fold our hands and watch. That’s how this partnership came about. And it’s evident that collectively we can make a difference.” She continued.

This however, was not the first time that the award-winning, international actress, popularly known as Mawande on the small screen, engaged in community work. She has another social project; Bridging to Dawn. Here she annually celebrates her birthday with children orphaned by HIV/AIDS from The Great Granny Revolution, a movement that supports young souls brought up by their grannies.

The event which forms part of Nambitha’s Charity Day and now in it’s 7th year, hosts grannies and their grandchildren. Activities include entertainment by top artists, and the guests depart with gifts and groceries at the end of the day.

Says Mpumlwana:“The project is in honour of my late granny, MaDlamini, who brought me up. It’s been so inspiring to watch, among others; the Alex Aids Orphans in Alexander grow into teenagers despite their disease. This time we joined hands with Tiger Brands, Red Farms, and Ulwazi Group, taking our work into various communities. And we don’t intend stopping anytime soon.” Said Mpumlwana.

Prepared by: Femi9media on behalf of Nambitha Projects

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