Charity Work

This accomplished artist wears her giving heart on her sleeve as she has donated time, volunteered her services and made herself available for anything that has to do with developing humanity. She is no stranger to charity work, through her Bridging to Dawn project - an umbrella organization, she houses all her humanitarian and charity work. This year alone, Nambitha has been busy making appearances and donating whatever is of need with organizations such as Round Table Race Day, CANSA and contributing to her annual GREAT GRANNY REVOLUTION project in Alexandra township in Gauteng.

The Hat & Race Day

Nambitha who has herself recently participated in the Race Day organized by The Round Table 71, Johannesburg North, donated her time as a program director and had her stylishly Red feathered hat, designed by Haute Couture Norman Callan, auctioned and proceeds donated to charities supported by the Round Table.

“I am very proud to be associated with the Round Table. I admire the Round Table’s level of commitment to doing well for those in need. I have been particularly touched by their tenacity and consistency to get people involved in charitable deeds. With the race having been around for over 25 years, the organization is only to be admired and supported.

The Great Granny Revolution Patron

Part of what drives her enthusiasm in charity work is ensuring that all human beings get a fair chance at life. Her passion is however founded in Orphaned and Vulnerable children. Nambitha has adopted a cause as a social responsibility investment - the Great Granny Revolution. Given she herself was brought up by her grand parents’, Nambitha says these grandparents slip into the parents’ role but receive very little support as it is expected of senior citizens by society. The Great Granny Revolution is a movement that supports Aids Orphans who are raised by their grandmothers. These women are struggling to raise grieving grandchildren following the deaths of their parents.

“I believe that we all have a responsibility to give young minds an opportunity to a future filled with positivity, whether child has or hasn’t got biological parents. My commitment to these families is to improve their quality of life in whatever way I can.” she said.


Back in 2004, psychiatric nurse and founder of the Alex Aids Orphans Project, Rose Letwaba, visited Wakefield, Quebec and spoke to a small group of people about the challenges she faced on a daily basis. The next day Norma Geggie, a Canadian granny, decided to do something about it, hence the Wakefield Grannies.
The Great Granny Revolution is a story of what happened when 12 grannies gathered in Canada, to offer moral and financial support to this group of Gogos raising Aids-Orphaned grandchildren halfway around the world.
The main focus of Alex Aids Orphans Project is to provide educational, physical and emotional support to these Aids Orphans. They offer bereavement counseling to the orphaned children, homework groups, skills, teenage and grannies group.
Having been raised by her granny herself, Nambitha holds this cause very dear to her heart. On her birthday Nambitha invites friends and colleagues to join her at the Alex Aids Orphan Project, donate time and raise funds. She has been at it for the past 3 years.

Patron - Cansa

Nambitha is also a patron of CANSA West Rand. As a matter of fact Nambitha was part of celebrities that volunteered to be jailed and bailed by their business associates and friends in a JAIL N BAIL CANSA charity fund raising event. The event which was held at The Glen in South of Johannesburg involved prominent individuals being arrested, charged and then escorted by the officials to the cell and only get released when they have posted the agreed bail.

“I have participated in CANSA’s JAIL N BAIL for two years and I believe that this is for a good cause as cancer is a health concern that requires research, and needs funding. The little I can do is donate myself as a fund raising tool to contribute to CANSA’s cause,” says Nambitha.