About Bridging to Dawn

Who founded Bridging to Dawn?

Bridging to Dawn was founded in 2003 in response to an alleged rape in a fraternity house, by Ms Nambitha Mpumlwana, who continues as Bridging to Dawn's President.

How many counsellors does Bridging to Dawn have?

At any given moment, about 3 - 4 counsellors are on duty and available to help victims at Bridging to Dawn.

How does the Bridging to Dawnhotline work?

The concept behind the hotline is simple. When a caller dials BRIDGE (274343), a computer notes the caller's phone number. The call is then instantaneously connected to the dedicated Bridging to Dawn counsellor. The counsellor the dispatches our security transport accompanied by a trained counsellor, to pick up the victim. The victim is then given a password to recognize the counsellor when they meet.vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril delenit augue duis dolore te feugait nulla facilisi.

The victim is then taken to the nearest medical rape unit for forensic testing and police reporting.

Thereafter the victim is moved to a confidential safe house for extensive counselling, for a minimum period of 72 hours.

After final evaluation, the victim is then referred to the most relevant and convenient support centre for further assistance.

Why was the hotline set up this way?

When Bridging to Dawn was founded, we surveyed the directors of dozens of rape crisis centers and provincial and national anti-sexual assault organizations as well as many victims of sexual assault. The advice was unanimous: The best support services for sexual assault victims are those offered at community rape treatment centers.

Each local center is the best resource for victims in its community, not only for counselling but also for information about community resources and emergency protocols. In addition, because sexual assault laws vary by province, local centers are in the best position to advise survivors on the legal aspects of the crime.

Bridging to Dawn found that while local centers were well equipped to handle the counselling, the lack of a national hotline meant that the issue did not receive as much attention as it should. As a result, Bridging to Dawn developed a unique national hotline system -- one that combines all the advantages of a national organization with all the abilities and experience of local programs. It is the country's first decentralized national hotline.

Thanks to private sector collaboration, Bridging to Dawnand rape crisis centers will be able to work together to raise awareness of local services and help sexual assault survivors receive the best possible care.

Are there other advantages to the Bridging to Dawn hotline model?

Another advantage of the Bridging to Dawn model is the high volume of calls the hotline can handle at any given time. The Bridging to Dawn number will appear regularly on national radio and television stations.

Additionally, the availability of rape crisis services is advertised nationwide, with one simple phone number for survivors to remember and at no cost to local rape crisis centers or the victim.

Are hotline calls completely confidential?

Bridging to Dawndoes not have any record of a caller's name. Callers always have the choice of whether or not to share their real name with counsellors; they are never obligated to reveal this information. In other words, we will know who you are only if you choose to tell us.

Where does Bridging to Dawn get its money?

Bridging to Dawn prides itself on being a highly efficient organization. Bridging to Dawnhas thus far received no government funding; more than 87 cents of every rand raised is used to support program services for victims of sexual assault. The vast majority of Bridging to Dawn funding comes from individual donors. In addition, Bridging to Dawn receives corporate support from companies such as FutureFind.