When it comes to voiceover, Nambitha Mpumlwana has done it all . . .

  • In 2008—after years of working as a successful voice and on-camera actor in Canada and South Africa—Nambitha founded NAPAC, which is growing into the nation's premier program devoted exclusively to teaching the art of voiceover.

NAPAC was founded in 2008 as a voiceover-training program, the only one of its kind in the country. Since then, its curriculum has evolved into the most elite and comprehensive course of instruction available in the craft of voice acting. As always, Nambitha remains dedicated to developing and mentoring the many talented individuals who come through NAPAC’s doors.

Through a combination of group workshops, small labs, and private lessons, NAPAC customizes a course of study for each student to help them accomplish their unique goals.

After honing their skills through a rigorous program of study and practice, these students go on to become the next crop of sought-after professional voice actors. And the demand for well-trained voice actors just keeps growing and growing as new technologies—podcasting, satellite radio, mobile TV— evolve, and even newer ones are introduced.

Another of Nambitha's passions is NAPAC Casting. The casting arm of her business was founded in 2009 and has achieved a nationwide reputation amongst voiceover industry pros as the "go-to" source for locating undiscovered, distinctive, well-trained talent. NAPAC Casting has two main goals—to meet the needs of broadcast, film and multimedia producers and generate significant opportunities for local talent.

Nambitha founded NAPAC Casting to meet the growing demand for fresh, exciting voice talent that provides producers with a convenient, inexpensive method for finding top-tier, professional voice actors for their projects.

Nambitha and her team of voice casting professionals work with clients from all across the country to find them the best voice talent for their projects. The variety of voiceover jobs cast through NAPAC Casting is wide-ranging and includes TV, radio, and on-line ads; sales presentations; audio tours; audio visuals; audio books; and IVR/ Phone on-hold.