Napac Casting Services

NAPAC offers professional voiceover casting services for…

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Interactive
  • Multimedia
  • Animation
  • And just about anywhere else trained voiceover professionals can be heard.

Why Turn To NAPAC To Solve Your Casting Needs?

  • You avoid wasting hours…and hours…and hours… of your valuable time sifting through audition files to find the right voices you need.
  • You are provided with a selection of top voiceover veterans, as well as the cream of the "up-and-coming " crop of voice actors, to choose from-not just a round up of the "usual suspects. "
  • You have exclusive access to the deep, diverse, professional talent pool available only through NAPAC's Training Academy-the nation's most comprehensive voiceover training program.
  • You can rely on professionally directed, digitally recorded, broadcast quality auditions-which ensure that your work is presented to your clients in the best light.
  • You have one centralized point of contact-thus eliminating the need to coordinate auditions, file delivery and availability checks with 4...5...6...or more talent agencies.

What NAPAC Casting Can Do For You...

      Select the best available talent-according to your specifications *
    • Foreign language, dialects and children's casting services
    • Cape Town voice talent available by request
      Schedule and coordinate auditions with the actors-or their agents
    • o Conflicts are checked, whenever applicable
      Provide the performances you want through expert direction
    • Our experienced casting directors are exceptionally skilled at coaching competitive auditions from voice talent for any type of project—from corporate narration to TV ads to cartoons
    • NAPAC Casting Directors are also available to provide direction for your actual recording sessions on a freelance basis (if scheduling permits)
      Digitally record your auditions on broadcast-quality equipment
    • We ensure that your work is presented to your clients in the best possible light, and as you intended
    • ISDN capabilities—available in our selected studios only
      Deliver a professionally edited audition reel on schedule
    • Audition files can be accessed online, by linking to a secure FTP file server site; or delivered in either disk or electronic (MP3) format
Please note: Requests for quick turnarounds are accommodated whenever possible, however we strongly encourage our clients to provide us with a few days advance notice to ensure the widest participation of qualified talent.
  • Check on the availability of talent, and coordinate contact between you and the talent—or their agents—to finalize booking arrangements

Additional services available, including:

  • Online casting services through; an innovative, online casting site that that provides producers with a convenient, inexpensive method for finding top-tier, professional voice actors for their projects.
  • Online assistance navigating through the thousands of voice actors listed on Voicebank and Intertalent.
  • Assistance with arranging, coordinating and scheduling phone-in or remote auditions
  • Expert direction for your actual recording session
  • Reasonably-priced ISDN transmission services
  • Studio rental; recording services